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I bet its true

Good Flash. Knowing steve, thats probably what his heaven is accualy like!

Two Thumbs Up

Hey, nice job! This flash was great! It had good graphics, intense action, and a good storyline. I think it was nice that you reviewed what happened a long time ago, when Sgt. Baxter killed Joe. I cant wait until your next flash!


I Really enjoyed watching this flash. It was a good mix of humor and mystery. I can't wait until the next one. Keep it up!

This FLash Almost made me cry

You, my friend, are a good person. I'm glad you made this for your friend. It was touching. I, too, hope she found what she was looking for.

I like I like.....

This Flash did well on almost every field. It was funny at times, had great graphics and sound, and the violence wasnt crazy, but it was good. At times i did think it was a little perverted, which i didnt like, but the rest was fine. I liked this flash a lot.

This Flash Is So AWESOME!!!!

I just could not stop laughing!!! This Flash just kept getting better and better!!! I liked the part when the snake kept telling an old guy that one of the passangers was a snake, and the old guy believed him!! LOL LOL LOL!!! Keep up the good work!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Keep workin', tiger, and some day your profile will be as good as mine. DANG! Im banned from the BBS for a month!

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