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NIce Job on this one. Weirder than ever

By The Way i like the new program you're using.

Very Funny!

I really enjoyed watching this movie. it was very funny at most times and was long enough to keep me entertained for quite a while. Nice job.

creepy but awesome!

salad fingers is my best friend! Dude, he's so cool. i have no idea how you thought of it, but nice job.

favorite quote: "The feeling of rusty spoons against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic"

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I havent seen a game like this before. Was difficult, but still very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

P.S. thanks for using my tunes!

A Perfect Game

The perfect internet fighting game. The graphics were great the action was smooth, and the sound was superb. i loved it. Keep up the good work!

Easy Game

I ussually like Miniclip games, but this one was a little dull. Dont get me wrong, this is a good game, bbut it has a few flaws. i think the battle actions could have been a little smoother and it was way too easy. i didnt die once. i also think there should have been more blood. Fix these problems and this could be a great game.

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very cool song

i really liked this song. it sounded great! Keep em coming

Not bad

The beat and lyrics are pretty good, but i think you need a new singer, no offense, bt he's not a great singer. Good song though

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This is Awesome!

one of the greatest punk songs on NG. I dont think yu should have posted it because you could have made a lot of money on this song. Good job, though.

Keep workin', tiger, and some day your profile will be as good as mine. DANG! Im banned from the BBS for a month!

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