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2007-07-19 18:55:59 by BIOHAZARD

Why, hello thar. My name is BIOHAZARD (Well, not really). If you dont know me, ive been a member of newgrounds for over a year, and in this time ive created about 40 original songs. Feel free to check them out, review them, and use them in your flashes, but pm me first just to let me know you will be using them.Thank you, and enjoy my profile and tunes.

By the way, the redisign is AWESOME!! Nice job, Tom.


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2007-07-20 10:39:56

Hey BIO.

BIOHAZARD responds:

sup budz


2007-08-21 12:32:16

Sup man. Us soldiers should stick together.

Semper Fi

BIOHAZARD responds:

you said it brother


2007-12-21 21:36:33

So your the guy with the username I wanted -_-

BIOHAZARD responds:

guess i am

sorry, man, but first come, first serve


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